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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

About us


We’ve started this page as so many friends are in a similar situation; wiser aged, possibly caring for parents or grandkids and a little concerned at the gene pool predicament. With a lack of time you need anything to be simple, time effective and make a big difference.

Whether you just need to add vitality to your life, or you can’t get out of bed in the morning — you’re in the right place. 

We have a community of people in a similar situation, none of us are ready for the rocking chair or being 'old' when there’s so much to do and places to see, once the shackles of full time work are removed. It’s time to live and feel alive no matter what age. 


"I have never been a health person - I love food, fun, cars, travel and a few+ drinks.

I’ve worked in many cities and overseas loving the experiences and camaraderie. I’ve had the one employer for 30 years and there’s been so many jobs within that time offering me experiences and skills in the office, working with databases, large vehicles, outdoors and at airports.


As a man I have found that health is not often discussed, a somewhat taboo topic especially during my full-time employment where a standard of health was needed to remain compliant.

Most men don't do anything about their health until it screams. I'm absolutely guilty of that. There have been plenty of adventures, often damaging this poor body (needing plenty of repairs along the way). Those times have caught up and I have many underlying ailments that now need respect." 


“I’m a wife, mother and granma in my family. I’ve worked many years in administration roles at The Australian National University. I love being at home with friends and family and tinkering on craft activities or current projects and learning. Early on I trained as a Silversmith but went on to other jobs and traveled around Australia earning a living.  

I grew up in a family that viewed alternative health therapies as the first option for everyday ailments. My mum had a health issue and wanted to make a difference without drugs. This curiosity aligned her with the hippie food principles in the 60’s and she hasn’t strayed from it, she’s now active and 90+. She is proof there’s something to the food and mindset we practice! As a child this meant we were given sandwiches and food that is normal in lunchboxes now, not soft fluffy white bread like everyone else got in the 70’s. 

Despite that, as an undiagnosed Coeliac I suffered many ailments including chronic fatigue, vitamin imbalance etc. throughout my life. Once diagnosed my body had a chance of healing and these molecules have added an amazing difference to that process. Absorption is possible, skin improvement is astounding and that’s fantastic.  This experience along with changes in the condition of loved ones is the reason I am speaking out."