Mick & Jenny Gawalski



Let us introduce ourselves...

We both love helping others. On this page we share our lives, and talk of our search for health and balance. 

We are not health practitioners, just real people with real life experience. Three years ago, we found a product too good to be true. All natural, not a drug or a herb and it's made a life changing / quality of life difference to many around us. 

This site showcases that product too, so if you have a nagging concern or ailment, lets talk. The products could help you with your digestion, immune system, hormone balance, nervous system, face and skin, athletic performance, or other sources of inflammation in your body. 

We often add more pages to reflect our passion for food, health and our environment. 

We are busy people with work, carers responsibilities, children, very active grandchildren, and more. 

Our dream is to live a semi-retired caravan & travel lifestyle. 

Have you tried many things / everything already ?

No matter what you've tried do you still feel your body is wise but has run out of energy? Or maybe you've had a health issue for so long it has become part of your normal?  It might be time to look at health in a different way.


What if you could..

  • Restore your body's innate self-healing mechanisms
  • Age backwards (or a little slower) all over
  • Experience a level of health like never before

All by replenishing your body's vital supply of cell signalling messengers? 

Science, Media & Professionals are hearing...

  • There are over 15,000 published scientific peer-reviewed journal articles referencing how these molecules are changing and what was thought of them in the past. 
  • The Huffington Post has called these molecules one of the top five emerging technologies that will shape our lives in the coming years.
  • Pro athletes, renowned doctors and scientists worldwide have embraced this cutting-edge technology.


Optional: Do you want to build a business?

We are warm hearted business people, aiding others to use these products, 

make a difference in their life which then naturally leads to sharing news with others. 

Talk to us if you also want to:

  • Learn how to build an authentic, heart-based network marketing business WITHOUT risking your personal reputation, alienating your family and friends, or sacrificing your internal sense of values.
  • Experience the joy of knowing that you can be the one to answer someone's prayers by introducing a new health technology to those who are desperately seeking answers. 
  • Receive step-by-step training, resources and mentoring to help you do the same.