Happi - Laundry Liquid

Laundry Liquid with a difference

As a family who cares for the environment and wants to improve the predicament of the earth for future generations finding this very new product is wonderful. 

We were rarely organised enough to buy products then refill etc from the Health food store so it's great to have a really good product, 

home delivered, using very little, but effective packaging. 

The Australian company behind it this venture is MiEssence.


We have no qualms taking this liquid to camping sites

or being concerned about toxic residue on our earth.  

If you wish to order, use this link for a discount: 


It's fresh, concentrated, reduces rubbish

 and is friendly for the environment.

Link for 30% discount

HappiEarth principles

 Make A Difference Every time you do your washing…

PERFORMANCE - When tested against Australia’s leading laundry brand Happi performed 61% better (on an average across 8 independent lab tests). This highly-concentrated, powerful blend will leave your clothes smelling fresh and give them the REAL clean they need. 

PRICE -  Your Happi purchase does 400 washes and saves you up to 60% on your laundry liquid costs & the hassle of buying heavy laundry detergent. 

PACKAGING -  Every purchase reduces 13 plastic bottles on average from our environment, per household every year!  

Just one 1L (34 fl oz) Refill Pouch lasts 400 washes! 

PLANT A TREE - 1 x Happi Purchase = 1 Tree Planted 

PURITY - Happi is Wild Harvested, Fair Traded and 

Certified Organic with no GMO’s or hidden nasties! 

Reduce Plastic Waste | Protecting the Oceans | Creating a Cleaner Earth. 


Video - Help plant trees #Happiearth